Dry Cleaning Franchise Adds New Services


A leading dry cleaning franchise has added free office pick up and delivery service to its offering.

1-800-DryClean is the only franchise system to aggressively market both home and office services.

Shannon Toler, president 1-800-DryClean franchise, introduced the nationwide chain’s new office pick up and delivery service.

“We see free home and office pick up and delivery as complementary services. Other franchisors only focus on one or the other,” said Toler. “In these difficult economic times, this additional service provides more options and convenience for our customers, and for our franchise owners, it improves their route efficiency and it’s another revenue opportunity.

“Customers interested in office service—or home pick up and delivery—need only go to our website to see videos presenting both options. They can also enter their zip code and find the nearest 1-800-DryClean franchise.

“Our franchise owners appreciate the fact that we never stop improving our systems and innovating our service.”