Meet the people... the pizza franchise buyer

Luigi Forrgioni, franchisee for Papa John's Broxbourne & Ware
Owner of numerous independent fast food outlets.
Investment level:
£177,000-£225,000 (exc VAT & freehold) 

Luigi Forgione on his business interests pre-Papa John's...

"Before we got involved in the franchise we used to own a fish shop, one in Harlow and one elsewhere, and I had my own shop as well in Willesden in Chingford. We were looking at how to expand and to join a company that was growing, so we decided to join Papa John's, because we could see there was a future and we wanted to jump on the boat."

On what attracted him to Papa John's...

"I've done independent, I've done it on my own and I've opened maybe 10 different shops that have been closed and sold on, but I wanted something where I could build for the future, and I wanted to learn how to get to that stage.

"My first experience of Papa John's was in America, and I loved the products and we looked into it and we decided to join."

I've changed from a worker to someone who manages other people


On how the change affected his social life and family life...

"It hasn't changed my social life or family life. Because I'm married and have four kids, I knew about the work: it's a not a 9-5 job, it's a 9-12 job and its 7 days a week, so it hasn't changed my lifestyle in that way, but I've changed from a worker to someone who manages other people. If you want to open a couple of shops, you need to learn how to manage people." 

On his long-term term goals for the business...

"My long-term goal is to open 10 outlets in five years, if I don't die before then! I'd like to be the best at what I do.

"That's all I hope. I want to run a decent shop, I want to run a decent operation, where everyone is happy to work and the product is always 100%"

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